We made the desicion that we should live in seperate places, so we would have time for ourselves and we will not influence each other. Both of us should feel free and get the chance to learn more about themselves.

How Veti lives:
So I’ve booked a room in the Green Nature Yoga & Surf Lodge. Everyone who knows me will be shocked right now because Im not that green-healthy-surf-girl you probably see online on Instagram. But I feel thats exactly the reason why people are doing semester study abroad to learn new stuff and to know themselfs better. So here I am trying to live healthier, trying to be among the fish and learn cow postions in yoga.. sounds really easy,  but trust me- Its not!

The Green Nature Lodge Surf & Yoga is 10 minutes with the scooter away from the University, which was one of the reasons why I booked it, cause I was really afraid about the traffic situation in Bali. I live with 7 other students here. There are some people from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Czech republic, The Netherlands and there is also a swiss girl. We live together with 3 local people , so we learn everyday from each other. In the same time we all have our own room and privacy. My new home offers yoga every morning at 6 A.M and breakfast. The breakfast is served by the local people. The Food we’re eating is 90% from our garden so the name oft the lodge is exactly what you get.

How Yarina lives:
I decided to rent a room with a local family in Jimbaran and it was the best decision so far. I live in a yellow house called happy house with a family who is originally from Sulawesi. Eni a mother of two wonderful girls Jane (11 years old) / Eden (8 month) as with her sister Rahel who has the same age as I do and not to forget a funny, lovely dog called Dori.

We live in a local area near Balangan Beach and Jimbaran Beach so its very good located. Near our house there are warungs (small family-owned restaurant) where we often go to eat nasi kuning (yellow rice). Our neighbourhood is mixed with different religions and its warming to see how despite the differences in them believes everyone can live close together without any problem or losing their respect for each other.

At the beginning there were some little things I had to learn to get used to it. For example there is just cold shower or when water is not running you have to wash yourself with a cup. Next to that it is totally normal to eat rice also for breakfast and eating with the right hand. The material reference as we know it in the western world does not exist here. Table and chairs are often not needed for lunch/dinner, sitting on the floor is preferred.

I enjoy most of my time being with my host family. We dance, sing mostly every evening and are having in general a lot of fun. With Rahel I often go to explore new sunsets in Bali and we have a great connection. Also, with Jane I like to play, eating donuts from J. CO. (we can’t have enough) or just going to the mall in Jimbaran. Eni is taking care of Eden and she is the most smiley and lovely person I have seen so far, a real power woman. I really appreciate having the possibility to live with such a nice family and to get this unforgettable experience.