This week was our 6th week of school at the Udayana University.

I have choosen these following subjects :
Indonesian Language, Cross Cultural Communication, International Relations and Communication, Global Marketing, International Entrepreneurship and Globalization & Social Change. The School Schedule is from Monday till Wednesday. It is the same framework as if you study fulltime in Switzerland.

The lessons are not diffrent than the one in Switzerland. The only big change is, that in some classes we have school with local people and I love that! We have some projects and also some presentations together.

The Balinese student love to do presentations. In Switzerland we also have to do a lot of presenations but we keep it very simple. The Balinese students like to be very extra with their presentations. They use a lot of diagramms and animations.

They are very strict, present, never late and always writing notes during class.

Udayana University can only release certain number of places to students. That’s one of the reason why the people here are taking the chance and do their best in school and are very serious. At home we don’t even have to think about a free seat in our schoolroom.