Nama saya Vetmira and nama saya Yarina, that was the first sentence we have learned in Bali. Our friends will describe us as open minded, who likes to meet new people and new cultures. We both are really into food and love to travel around the world.

Yarina and I didn’t knew a lot about Asia. So we both decided to learn more about BALI, more about their history, the local people, their culture, their thinking and where Indonesien sees itselfs in the future. Their is this book, which we love, called EAT PRAY LOVE. We hope that in the end of the semester we will understand and feel the spirit of Bali. We’re sooo excited and ready for our new BALI chapter. Sooo Lets GO!

On our blog you will find informations about our universites, how to get prepared for Bali and about social life, culture and more in Indonesia. We are happy to have you here and exited to start our adventure.

Peace and love

Vetmira & Yarina