Bali is also very popular for their Balinese Massage. Balinese believe that body, mind and spirit work in harmony. Health and well being leads to happiness. 60 Minutes cost about 100‘000 rupi and thats plus minus 10 swiss francs… and thats very cheap compared to the prices in switzerland. The Balinese Massage history: For centuries… Continue reading BALI MASSAGE


These are 3 small sand islands called, Gili Trawangan, Meno and Gili Air. There are no paved roads or motorized vehicles on the islands; The most important means of transport are horse-drawn carriages. The largest and main island is Gili Trawangan, there are the most tourists. You can walk within 1-2 hours throw the whole… Continue reading GILI ISLANDS


Last weekend I took the opportunity to see the tempel called Tirta Empul. This is a place where you can purify your soul. Balinese have been coming to this spot for more than 1000 years just to do the same as we know- to wash the bad energy away. Its still a very popular Tempel… Continue reading TEMPLE


This week was our 6th week of school at the Udayana University. I have choosen these following subjects :Indonesian Language, Cross Cultural Communication, International Relations and Communication, Global Marketing, International Entrepreneurship and Globalization & Social Change. The School Schedule is from Monday till Wednesday. It is the same framework as if you study fulltime in Switzerland.… Continue reading UDAYANA UNIVERSITY