Nowadays a lot of students get the chance to manage for one day the social media channels for their university back home. We feel honoured to get the possibility to share our moments and daily activities for a whole day at the HWZ Instagram page, @fhhwz. On the 10 of December 2019, it is time [...]


This week was our 6th week of school at the Udayana University. The upcoming weeks I‘m going to visit the following classes:Indonesian Language, Cross Cultural Communication, International Relations and Communication, Global Marketing, International Entrepreneurship and Globalization & Social Change. The classes will take place every week from Monday until Wednesday, which is the same framework [...]


The Udayana University organised a two days orientation for us. We both were very surprised, because we didnt expacted such a great organisation. They started with a speech and a traditionel balinese dance. We also got some snack and lunch box. At the second day, we got a lot of informations about Bali, diseases, some [...]


Applying for visa, sublet your room, where to sleep and what to pack or which medical prevention are necessary; we went through all this and we could write a book about it but we will not do that to you... so check out our short overview what exactly you have to organize for your study [...]